10 Top Reasons Why You Should Use Wirex Crypto Card for Your Daily Transactions

10 Top Reasons Why You Should Use Wirex Crypto Card for Your Daily Transactions

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing how we make our daily transactions. Web3 firms are using it to provide solutions for making transactions securely and fast. Crypto cards are among the solutions. This article lists ten benefits of using one of the popular crypto cards, Wirex.

Wirex Crypto Card Benefits

Seamless crypto to fiat conversion

Let’s say you are in a coffee shop, and the owner only accepts fiat money. Wirex crypto card will execute the transaction by converting your digital assets to traditional currency, thus eliminating the need to convert the crypto manually. Wirex uses the present market rates when converting your cryptocurrencies to fiat at zero exchange cost.

What’s more, Wirex crypto cards have Mastercard or Visa logos, meaning they are accepted by merchants that support the two payment options.

Rewards and Cashbacks

Not only do Wirex crypto cards facilitate fast transactions, but they also allow users to accumulate rewards. The more you pay for purchases using your crypto card, the higher the rewards you are likely to receive. Moreover, Wirex has a cashback program for users who spend a certain amount. In most cases, the company transfers 8% of the total transaction amount to your crypto wallet.

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Global Usability

Wirex crypto cards are borderless, meaning you can use them anywhere. So whether you are in Africa to enjoy wildlife or in Europe drinking coffee at Starbucks, you can easily use your crypto card to make payments. As of September 2023, Wirex crypto cards can be utilized in over 130 countries and supports about 150 fiat and digital currencies.

Moreover, Wirex users are assured of safety since the company is regulated by top financial authorities, including the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Financial Conduct Authority.

Low Transaction Fees

Unlike traditional banking methods, Wirex crypto cards facilitate transactions at low cost. The fee structure is also transparent. Therefore, you won’t incur any hidden charges. As mentioned earlier, the users are not charged to convert their crypto to fiat. They are also allowed to make free ATM withdrawals for amounts equal to or lower than $200.

Quick Transactions

With traditional financial systems, international transactions usually take up to a week to complete due to intermediaries’ involvement. Conversely, Wirex crypto cards execute transactions within minutes thanks to blockchain technology.

Access to Decentralized Finance

Wirex does not just facilitate transactions. You can use its app to access decentralized finance (DeFi) to explore investment opportunities. The company’s crypto cards let you participate in staking to receive rewards. You can also lend your assets to earn interest.

Advanced Security Features

Wirex has adopted several security measures for its crypto cards, including biometric verification, hardware wallets for storing crypto assets, and two-factor authentication. Moreover, Wirex sends users real-time alerts in case of any suspicious activity so they can take action immediately.

Wide Range of Crypto Assets

Wirex supports multiple assets, allowing users to diversify their holdings. The firm’s crypto cards also have the ability to convert any crypto to fiat money.

Financial Autonomy

Wirex aims to restore financial control to users. That’s why it has created a payment system that works without any central authority.

Promotes Mainstream Adoption

The main goal of Wirex crypto cards is to fuel the mainstream adoption of crypto assets. The company has developed an easy-to-understand app to allow novice crypto users to navigate it. Moreover, Wirex has made its crypto cards compatible with traditional payment systems to simplify the procedure of making crypto payments.

Research Before Selecting a Crypto Card

Wirex is one of the top options for crypto cards. The firm offers a broad range of crypto assets and facilitates quick transactions. However, it is worth mentioning that some cards do not support the cryptocurrencies you wish to hold, so always do your research to find out which ones suit your needs.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that crypto cards are here to disrupt traditional payment methods. They are borderless and offer quick and cheap transactions. If you are looking for one, we recommend you check out Wirex.

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