6 Countries Where You Can Mine Crypto Legally

6 Countries Where You Can Mine Crypto Legally

With numerous countries prohibiting crypto mining, you may be wondering which ones allow this activity. In this article, we will explore all the nations that have made the process of mining Bitcoin and other Proof-of-Work cryptocurrencies legal.

Understanding Crypto Mining

For beginners, cryptocurrency mining is the process of verifying transactions on a particular blockchain and adding new tokens to circulation. The parties involved in this activity are known as miners. They are rewarded with crypto tokens for their contribution. Mining is one of the common ways of earning Bitcoin and other coins without buying them.

You don’t need to set up expensive hardware to start crypto mining. Today, there are several cloud mining platforms offering interested miners an opportunity to mine digital assets by simply investing a certain amount. Be sure to check out Stormgain’s learning program to understand more about cloud mining.

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable

For Bitcoin mining to be profitable, it will depend on several factors, such as BTC’s current price, mining equipment being used, and electricity cost. For example, if you use the Whatsminer M21S machine to mine Bitcoin and the electricity cost is relatively low, you are likely to become a profitable miner.

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Moreover, if the price of BTC is high, the value of your mining rewards will also be high. And with more traditional investors now viewing Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation, the coin’s price is likely going to rise in the future, thus making mining more profitable.

Is Crypto Mining Legal?

Cryptocurrency mining is legal as long as authorities of a particular country permit miners to carry out this activity. Over the years, environmentalists have urged governments across the world to ban crypto mining, arguing that it pollutes the environment. That couldn’t be far from the truth, considering that a recent report indicated that crypto mining accounted for the same carbon emissions as fuel-powered vehicles in 2022.

Countries that have illegalized crypto mining include Morocco, Nepal, Bolivia, Pakistan, Algeria, and Egypt.

Countries Allowing Crypto Mining


Although some Chinese provinces have banned crypto mining, China’s cheap coal has continued to attract miners. That explains why two-thirds of all Bitcoin mining is happening in China. However, with more provinces likely to follow suit over the coming years, there is a possibility that China-based crypto miners will migrate to more friendly nations.

United States

As more crypto miners flee China, the United States has been the ideal destination for many. According to data from news outlet CNBC, most miners who have chosen to set up mining farms in the US have opted for Georgia, Texas, Kentucky, and New York. Moreover, the United States is now a host of several big mining pools like Foundry USA.


Yes! Canada allows Bitcoin mining. Unlike China, this country has created a conducive environment for mining activities to prosper, from cheap electricity costs to regulatory stability and wide internet coverage. Most miners are based in Quebec, a Canadian province that offers electricity at costs of around $0.12 per kWh.


Crypto miners find Iceland a prime location for their activities due to several factors, such as access to cheap electricity, which is usually about $0.14 per kWh. Moreover, Iceland creates a friendly regulatory environment for Bitcoin miners. The country also boasts a massive internet connectivity.


Finland is one the countries that have been friendly to crypto since the industry’s early days. It has set up several hydroelectric and nuclear plants to provide miners with sufficient energy to conduct their activities.


Miners have set up operations in Sweden due to the country’s low electricity costs ($0.16 per kWh). Sweden also has an excellent internet connectivity. These elements favor crypto mining, but the nation’s economic and political instabilities have been major drawbacks for miners.


As crypto continues to witness mainstream adoption, more countries are likely going to allow mining. But for now, if you wish to invest in this venture, only do so in regions that have legalized crypto mining to avoid regulatory troubles.

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