A Full Guide to Coinrule – Is it the Best Platform for Automated Crypto Trading?

A Full Guide to Coinrule – Is it the Best Platform for Automated Crypto Trading?

Trading cryptocurrencies manually can sometimes be hectic. Platforms such as Coinrule aim to simplify trading by automating the process. We will dive deeper into Coinrule in this article. Learn its key features and how to get started.

Exploring Coinrule

Launched in 2018, Coinrule is a platform that enables automated crypto trading. It does this by sending a set of trading instructions to several crypto exchanges. The London-based project is the brainchild of Zdeněk Höfler, Gabriele Musella, and Oleg Giberstein.

Coinrule allows users to create trading bots without prior coding knowledge. For starters, trading bots are computer programs that automate the buying and selling of crypto assets based on certain predefined conditions and rules. They can execute various strategies like arbitrage or even dollar cost averaging.

How to Get Started With Coinrule

To start using Coinrule’s services, visit coinrule.com and click “Sign Up.” Provide your email and a unique password to set up a Coinrule account. Alternatively, you can sign up with your Binance, Coinbase, Google, Apple, or Facebook account.

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After entering your email, Coinrule will send a verification code to confirm that the email you provided belongs to you. Key in the code to access your new account. And that’s how simple it is to create a Coinrule account.

Welcome Offer

While there is no reward or bonus program on Coinrule, the platform offers new users an exciting welcome package. Firstly, you will become a Hobbist Plan subscriber for three months. This plan gives you access to most Coinrule features. Moreover, you will be added to the platform’s private investor club on Slack, allowing you to interact with other users.

Who Does Coinrule Serve?

Coinrule services suit various users in the crypto trading circle. Its beginner-friendly user interface makes it ideal for newbies. Moreover, the effective trading bots that Coinrule offers help experienced traders streamline their trading strategies. Coinrule services are also helpful for busy individuals who don’t have enough time to monitor the market.

Coinrule’s Key Features

Algorithmic Trading – Coinrule uses algorithms to automate crypto trading.

Compatibility With Multiple Exchanges – The platform integrates leading crypto exchanges like Coinbase, KuCoin, and Binance.

Coin Scanner – This feature allows users to scan multiple cryptocurrencies to keep them informed of any profitable investment opportunity.

Learning Resources – To help you understand how automated crypto trading works, Coinrule gives you access to a comprehensive collection of educational materials.

Demo Mode – This feature lets you perfect your trading strategies without risking real money.

Coinrule Strengths and Weaknesses


Easy-to-Use Interface – Anyone can easily navigate the Coinrule platform, given that its user interface is easy to understand.

Demo Account – As mentioned earlier, you do not have to risk your money when testing your trading strategies on Coinrule. Instead, you can use a demo account.

Community Support – Coinrule has an active community on Discord. So, you can ask for help in the channel.

Template Trading Strategies – Coinrule offers pre-set templates for users to improve their strategies.


No Mobile App – Unfortunately, Coinrule is only available as a web app. This inconveniences users who like mobile trading.

Limited Feature Set – Compared to most of its competitors, Coinrule offers fewer features.

Coinrule Pricing

As a Coinrule user, you can subscribe to various plans, depending on how much you are willing to spend. Here are the plans and their prices:

Free Starter Plan – As the name suggests, this plan is free. If you subscribe to it, you will get access to seven pre-set strategy templates, and you will be connected to a single crypto exchange. Monthly trading volume is capped at $3,000.

Hobbyist Plan – This plan goes for $30 per month. By subscribing, you will access forty pre-set strategies and connections to four crypto exchanges. Your monthly trading volume must not cross above $3,000.

Pro Plan – Here, you have access to all features on Coinrule. Moreover, there is no cap on monthly trading volume, and you get to enjoy connections to all supported exchanges.


Although Coinrule could do better by adding more features, the platform still does what it’s designed to do. Using its Free Starter Plan, you can automate your trades for free.

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