A Guide to Bitcoin Miner: How to Earn Real BTC by Mining Fake Crypto in This Game

A Guide to Bitcoin Miner: How to Earn Real BTC by Mining Fake Crypto in This Game

The Bitcoin Miner game has seen significant traffic since its launch. The mobile game lets players earn real Bitcoin by mining fake crypto. Unlike other games that reward users with BTC, Bitcoin Miner is colorful, fun, and comes with more features.

It is worth mentioning that you will not earn any life-changing gains playing Bitcoin Miner. However, you’ll receive a few satoshis every hour. If you’re interested in earning BTC by playing Bitcoin Miner, then this guide is a must-read. We have explained the various ways you can employ to increase your BTC earnings without buying in-game boosts. Here are some of the tips.

Complete the Missions

Completing the available missions is one of the easiest ways to earn satoshis in the Bitcoin Miner game. The missions to be accomplished are usually displayed at the top of the screen. They include tapping the crypto mining button and unlocking a new token, among others.

Hunt for “Sats”

Bitcoin Miner allows all players to participate in its “Satoshi Hunt” program. Here, you are required to find five satoshi icons which are hidden inside the in-game store. Once you find them, tap on each to receive 15 actual satoshis. Remember to open a ZBD wallet to store your satoshis.

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Play Daily

If you want to boost your BTC earnings, then you have to play Bitcoin Miner on a daily basis. The game gives “login rewards” in the form of satoshis to players who access their accounts daily. Note that your login rewards increase every day.

Tap the Satoshis

To increase your earnings while playing the Bitcoin Miner game, always tap the numerous power-ups, which usually appear above the coins. Also, the satoshi icons you see in the in-game store are displayed above the coins sometimes. So, you can click on them to receive satoshis.

Participate in the Weekend Event

Bitcoin Miner hosts a weekend event in which players are required to mine coins to create a rocket ship. If you mine a specific number of coins, you will be rewarded with satoshis that you can withdraw to your ZBD crypto wallet anytime. The event usually happens on Saturday.

Cash Out and Start Over

Bitcoin Miner increases rewards for players who choose to cash out all their earnings to start over. Moreover, these players get node upgrades, new unlocked coins, and access to earnings-boosting tools. The game also gives the players new virtual graphic cards to increase their capacity for mining coins.

While starting over can appear to be a setback, we discovered that you can reach new levels of the Bitcoin Miner game within a few minutes.

It is important to mention that when you start over, Bitcoin Miner will display a fresh list of missions. By comparison, the latest missions are easier to complete than the previous ones.

Cash Out on a Regular Basis

It is possible to receive hundreds of satoshis daily by playing the Bitcoin Miner game. Note that you can only withdraw 500 satoshis per day to your ZBD wallet using the Lighting Network. So, if you are among the players who receive hundreds of sats as rewards, it is advisable to cash them out regularly.

History of Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin Miner is a product of crypto gaming studio ZBD. The game was launched in early 2022. ZBD has partnered with ZEBEDEE and Fumb Games to allow players to receive real Bitcoin rewards by playing its game that simulates cryptocurrency mining.

When you register with Bitcoin Miner, you will receive a mining rig. Every time a new block gets mined, a new coin is created. If that coin has a satoshi icon above it, click on it to receive sats. While it is not a requirement to buy boosts, you can purchase them from the in-game store to increase your sats earnings.

Bitcoin Miner mobile app is available for download on both the Play Store and Apple Store. Good luck playing the game.

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