A Guide to Browser-Based Crypto Mining – All You Need to Know

A Guide to Browser-Based Crypto Mining – All You Need to Know

Back when crypto mining was relatively cheap, several websites were created, allowing miners to mint new Bitcoin. As mining difficulty increased, these websites ceased operations due to stiff competition from mining firms that used powerful equipment.

However, browser-based mining appears to have made a comeback in recent months thanks to the emergence of blockchain-based tokens mineable with simple home hardware. This article discusses browser-based mining in detail. Read on to learn more.

Understanding Browser-Baed Crypto Mining

Simply put, browser-based crypto mining is a technique of mining digital assets on a browser. Browsers usually provide JavaScript code on various websites to enable visitors to mine crypto. Initially, browser-based mining was only possible on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, over the past few years, crypto projects like Monero have started supporting this mining technique.

How Browser Mining Works

Is it possible to mine crypto with a browser? Yes! Firstly, the browsers must embed the mining code into websites to allow visitors to contribute their computing power. By pooling together the mining power from users, browsers are able to mine crypto efficiently, reducing the costs associated with mining.

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As mentioned, Monero is among the new crypto projects that allow browser-based mining. This digital asset utilizes a hash function known as RandomX, which blocks miners from using powerful mining machines like ASICs. By preventing the use of ASICs, Monero makes it possible for everyone across the world with a standard CPU to participate in crypto mining.

Browser-based mining has lowered the entry barrier to crypto mining, allowing people to generate passive income using their computers. However, it poses some risks. For example, bad actors may access the computers of unsuspecting users to run crypto mining scripts without their knowledge or consent. This type of risk is called cryptojacking. To avoid falling victim, computer users must not grant permissions to websites they do not trust.

How to Participate in Browser-based Crypto Mining

If you wish to take part in crypto mining on a browser, download a browser like CryptoTab and register an account. After that, you will start mining cryptocurrencies in the background. The CryptoTab browser distributes mining rewards in Bitcoin.

It is worth mentioning that you can turn on/off the browser mining functionality or modify the mining speed as you wish. So long as the mining function is on, crypto mining will continue even when you close the browser.

The Brave Browser offers another way to participate in browser-based crypto mining. It gives users access to decentralized applications like games and decentralized finance platforms. By viewing ads on the Brave Browser, users receive rewards in the form of Basic Attention Tokens. Note that browsers that support crypto mining have self-developed wallets that enable users to store their rewards.

Is Browser-Based Mining Profitable?

The returns that users generate from browser crypto mining depend on multiple factors, such as the digital asset being mined and the computing power produced by users’ computers. In addition, since mining rewards are distributed in highly volatile cryptocurrencies, users should understand that the value of their returns can go up or down at any moment.

Benefits of Browser-Based Crypto Mining

Browser mining has several benefits, including:

Low energy costs: With browser-based mining, users do not need to purchase energy-intensive mining machines. This allows them to save money on electricity.

Easy accessibility: Since expensive, specialized mining equipment like ASICs are not required in browser-based mining, anyone owning a laptop or computer can mine crypto to earn passively.

Are Crypto Browsers Safe?

Some crypto experts have advised against browser crypto mining due to the browsers’ heavy reliance on server-based security and secure sockets layer, which can easily allow cybercriminals to gain access to the browsers’ servers.

If you must engage in browser crypto mining, ensure the browser you are using is up-to-date and change your wallet password regularly. Finally, refrain from clicking on unknown links.

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