A Guide to Hashing24: All You Need to Know About This Crypto Cloud Mining Platform

A Guide to Hashing24: All You Need to Know About This Crypto Cloud Mining Platform

Hashing24 is among the first platforms that started offering cryptocurrency cloud mining services. Keep reading this guide to learn more about the platform’s features, along with its pros and cons.

Exploring Hashing24

Launched in 2012, Hashing24 is a popular crypto cloud mining provider, allowing people to mine Bitcoin by buying hash power from BitFury, a well-known mining equipment supplier. The platform is a subsidiary of HashCoins, a company known for developing mining software and hardware for crypto players.

Hashing24 has data centers in Georgia, Norway, Canada, and Iceland, making it possible for users to mine Bitcoin without purchasing any mining equipment.

How to Sign up With Hashing24

If you would like to start cloud mining Bitcoin on Hashing24, here is how you register an account.

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Step 1: Visit Hashing24’s official website (hashing24.com) and click the “Register” button on the homepage.

Step 2: Now enter your valid email, a unique password, and country of residence. Tick the checkboxes for “Terms & Conditions” and “Terms of Disclaimer,” then hit “Register an Account.”

Step 3: Hashing24 will send a confirmation email to ensure the email provided is actually yours. Follow the link in the email to access your Hashing24 account. And that is how simple it is to register with Hashing24.

Is there a welcome offer? Unfortunately no. However, Hashing24 has an affiliate program allowing users to earn 5% of the subscription fee when their referral buys a certain plan on the platform. Referral rewards are usually paid out in Bitcoin. You will receive them instantly.

Benefits of Cloud Mining

You don’t need expensive equipment to start mining cryptocurrencies, thanks to platforms like Hashing24. You just have to purchase a specific amount of hash power to get started.

In other words, cloud mining is lowering the entry barrier for people who want to mine cryptocurrency but do not have the resources to do so. Traditional mining requires you to have technical expertise and expensive machines called ASIC. This makes it difficult for an ordinary person to participate in crypto mining. But Hashing24 and other cloud mining service providers are solving this problem.

Why Opt for Hashing24?

As mentioned, Hashing24 started in 2012. So, it has been through the ups and downs of the crypto industry, thus proving its reliability. Moreover, this cloud mining service lets you invest small capital. Therefore, you don’t have to break the bank to start mining Bitcoin through Hashing24.

Hashing24 Pricing and Features

Hashing Power Plans

There are four cloud mining plans on Hashing24. Each plan has a varying validity period, ranging from 12 to 30 months. Additionally, all the plans allow you to buy your preffered amount of hash power. It could be 1 TH/s, 50 GH/s, or even 100 GH/s. Compared to its competitors, Hashing24’s pricing is reasonable.

Payment Methods

After selecting your hashing power plan, you can pay using fiat currencies, Bitcoin, or altcoins. If you want to pay with fiat currencies, you will pick USD or EUR. You can use your Mastercard/Visa-issued bank card to complete your purchase.

Security Features

To ensure no one accesses your account without permission, Hashing24 employs strong security measures like two-factor authentication.

Customer Support

In the crypto industry, customer support is a key element. Whether you are using an exchange, wallet, or a clouding mining service like Hashing24, you want to make sure someone is there to assist you when you encounter a problem.

Hashing24: Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are some pros and cons of Hashing24 to help you gauge whether it is the right cloud mining platform for you:


  • Hashing24 allows you to withdraw small amounts of BTC (0.0007), making it possible to transfer your profits somewhere safe on a daily basis.
  • Reliable cloud mining platform.
  • Its simple user interface makes it easy for anyone to start mining Bitcoin.


  • Hashing24 is not available in the United States.
  • It does not have a mobile app.
  • Only support Bitcoin mining.

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