How to Mine Litecoin – A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

How to Mine Litecoin – A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

Crypto mining has proven to be a lucrative venture over the years. However, while many would like to invest in this business, they do not know where to start. Fortunately, we are here to help with that. In this guide, we will show you how to begin mining Litecoin, one of the leading proof-of-work blockchains. Read on to learn more.

Is Mining Litecoin Worth It?

So long as you are equipped with the appropriate setup and can effectively manage electricity expenses, then Litecoin mining can be a profitable venture. Compared to Bitcoin mining, Litecoin mining is quicker and less costly. It does not require miners to buy expensive, powerful rigs to solve complicated mining algorithms.

What are the Similarities and Differences Between Litecoin and Bitcoin?

In terms of similarities, both Litecoin and Bitcoin adopt the proof-of-work consensus mechanism. In addition, the native coins of the two blockchains come with a hard cap, meaning their supply cannot be altered. Litecoin and Bitcoin miners see their mining rewards reduced by half every four years.

In regards to differences, Litecoin processes transactions faster and at a cheaper cost than Bitcoin. Further, mining rewards on Bitcoin are higher than on Litecoin.

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How Do You Start Mining Litecoin?

Before mining Litecoin, deciding whether you want to join a mining pool or become a solo miner is important. Joining a mining pool increases your chances of receiving rewards. Solo mining, on the other hand, can only be profitable if your machines can generate enough computing power to add transaction blocks to the Litecoin network quickly.

No matter what mining method you select, you will require Litecoin mining hardware to get started. A few years ago, miners used their computers’ GPU and CPU to mine Litecoin. However, several companies like Bitmain have produced dedicated mining equipment called ASIC, which are more powerful. One of the most used ASIC for mining Litecoin is known as Antminer L3+.

Meanwhile, some of the leading mining pools for Litecoin include Multipool,, and Antpool. But before joining any, ensure it supports your mining hardware and check the fees charged. Some mining pools impose several charges that can eat up your mining rewards.

After setting up your mining equipment and joining a pool, you need to install a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Litecoin. This tool is important for storing your mining rewards. While most Litecoin mining pools have built-in wallets, it is essential to have an external wallet to have total control over your rewards.

As your mining machine mines Litecoin, rewards will be sent directly to your wallet.

How Long Does a Solo Miner Take to Mine a Single Litecoin?

It typically takes approximately 45 days for a solo miner to mine Litecoin. With the proper setup, a miner can add a transaction block on the Litecoin network within three minutes. That means it is quicker than Bitcoin mining, which takes roughly 10 minutes.

However, it is worth mentioning that the duration for adding blocks to the Litecoin network varies based on the level of difficulty. If the difficulty is higher, it will take longer to mine Litecoin. Once a transaction block is added successfully on Litecoin, the miner receives 25 LTC.

Cloud Mining Litecoin

If you cannot afford mining equipment, you can opt for cloud mining. But what is it? Cloud mining requires interested miners to buy mining contracts to mine Litecoin. There are several platforms that support cloud mining. Some of them include Stormgain, BestCloudMining, and IQMining.

Most of these platforms have mining farms and sell mining contracts to purchase more machines to increase their mining capacity. While rewards are less than those generated from mining pools, cloud mining is ideal for those miners who want to start small.


The profitability of Litecoin mining entirely depends on how you manage the costs involved. This is why it is essential to factor in all expenses before mining Litecoin.

You are now aware of the various methods of mining Litecoin. All the best in your mining journey. But remember that all crypto projects, including Litecoin, are highly speculative and may not always generate the desired profits.

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