Top 6 Binance.US Alternatives Supporting US Dollar Withdrawals

Top 6 Binance.US Alternatives Supporting US Dollar Withdrawals

After the United States Securities and Exchange Commission launched a regulatory attack on Binance.US earlier this year, the exchange decided to stop supporting US dollar withdrawals. Since then, American crypto users have been looking for other trading platforms that allow USD withdrawals. This article lists some of the top Binance.US alternatives that let you withdraw dollars securely.

Top Binance.US Alternatives


Coinbase is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, supporting more than 250 crypto assets. The trading platform comes with its non-custodial wallet to allow you to have total control over your digital tokens. In regard to security, Coinbase lets users employ biometrics, security locks, and passwords to safeguard their crypto.

All crypto transactions on this platform attract a 1% fee. The costs charged to withdraw USD to your bank account depend on the payment method used but usually range between 1% and 3.99%.

What about Coinbase’s customer support? You can reach the support team via phone calls or using the chat feature on the trading platform.

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Since launching in 2011, Kraken has proved to be a reliable crypto exchange. Its easy-to-use interface ensures all customers, regardless of their trading experience, are able to navigate the platform. Through Kraken, you can trade about 225 cryptocurrencies at competitive rates. The exchange supports futures, spot, and margin trading.

To get started with this trading platform, you simply need to download its app on the App Store or Play Store, then create an account and provide the requested KYC information.

Besides USD, Kraken supports the withdrawal of seven other fiat currencies, including JPY, CAD, EUR, GBP, CHF, and AUD. That said, if you still have crypto assets in your Binance.US account, you can transfer them to your Kraken account and convert them into USD, then withdraw.


eToro is another top alternative for US residents looking to withdraw USD and trade cryptocurrencies. The Tel Aviv-based brokerage firm has expanded in several countries since launching in 2007. What makes it a top option for many traders is its copy trading feature. You no longer have to trade cryptocurrencies manually if you have an eToro trading account. Simply look for an experienced trader on the platform and replicate their trades. After that, you can convert the profits into USD and withdraw them via a bank transfer.

eToro prioritizes user security, and that’s why it stores customer funds in cold wallets to ensure cybercriminals cannot steal them. Moreover, you must provide a strong password before the broker allows you to access your account.

Regarding customer service, you can call the phone number provided on the trading platform to get help. Also, eToro adopts support tickets in its online help centers to attend to customers more efficiently.


INX is one of the few exchanges in the United States registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. That means you can confidently trade crypto assets that the commission considers securities.

The good thing about INX is that it processes USD withdrawals almost instantly. However, when it comes to its crypto asset offering, the trading platform only supports 10 assets. INX recently promised to add more cryptocurrencies in the coming days to allow investors to diversify their portfolios.


Uphold isn’t just a cryptocurrency exchange. It also serves as a forex trading platform supporting multiple currencies. In terms of crypto assets, you can trade about 250 of them through Uphold. You can secure your digital currencies using two-factor authentication. Moreover, Uphold conducts regular audits on its system to ensure all vulnerabilities are addressed before cybercriminals exploit them.

Like many crypto exchanges, Uphold requires you to convert your crypto assets to USD before you can withdraw.


Founded in 2019, BYDFi has gained the attention of many crypto traders in recent years due to its cheap trading fees. The crypto exchange lets you trade over 400 digital currencies. Additionally, to ensure your assets’ safety, BYDFi adopts hardware wallets.

In regard to USD withdrawals, the exchange processes them instantly.

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