What is a Helium Miner? – Everything You Need to Know

What is a Helium Miner? – Everything You Need to Know

Mining is an important process on any blockchain. It helps confirm the legitimacy of all on-chain transactions. Parties that participate in mining usually use ASICs and central processing units. However, Helium has made it possible for people to use their smartphones to engage in crypto mining.

If you wish to participate in Helium mining, read this guide to learn more about the Helium miner and how to get started.

Exploring Helium Network

Helium can be described as a wide network of hotspots offering IoT (Internet of Things) devices, which communicate with each other through a protocol called LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network).

The Helium Network was created to advocate for the creation of decentralized networks that are wireless. Miners on Helium are rewarded with HNT tokens.

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It is worth mentioning that Helium migrated to Solana in 2023, making HNT compatible with all Solana-based projects. Besides HNT, Helium has two other tokens, IOT and MOBILE. The IOT token fuels the IoT element of Helium. It ensures extensive and robust coverage of IoT devices by promoting the operation of all LoRaWAN hotspots. MOBILE token, on the other hand, intends to simplify the creation of decentralized wireless networks.

Network Participation

Helium lets anyone own and run a wireless Internet of Things network using a portable, unique radio router called a hotspot. This hotspot is a plug-and-play device known for offering superior connectivity compared to WiFi.

Helium miners use hotspots to develop “The People’s Network,” which offers coverage for Internet of Things devices. Helium developers have allowed numerous external parties to manufacture hotspots, making the devices easy to access globally.

Helium Miner Defined

As mentioned, Helium miners utilize hotspots to provide network coverage. So, to become a miner, you need a hotspot and stake a specific number of HNT tokens. Make sure that the hotspot you purchase is WHIP-compatible. WHIP is a protocol that facilitates data transfer within the Helium network.

There are three types of hotspots, including:

Full hotspots – Such hotspots keep a full copy of the Helium blockchain. Miners with full hotspots are rewarded for data transfer and proof-of-coverage activities.

Data-only hotspots -With these hotspots, miners can only participate in data transfer activities, not proof-of-coverage.

Light hotspot – These hotspots do not keep a full copy of the Helium network. However, by using Light Hotspot software, miners are able to engage in both data transfer and proof-of-coverage activities.

How Helium Mining Works

Helium mining relies on Radiowave technology rather than ASICs or CPUs. Additionally, as a blockchain network, Helium offers a wireless network that’s considered more reliable than networks provided by traditional companies.

Helium miners use LoRaWAN transmitters to offer long-range wireless coverage. To earn more HNT tokens, these miners need to expand that coverage using hotspots.

Setting Up a Helium Miner

Here are the steps of setting up a Helium miner:

1. Download the Helium App

Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the Helium mobile app. After installation, create an account to receive a new Helium wallet. The wallet will come with a seed phrase, which serves as a backup key. Remember to create a unique PIN to protect your Helium wallet.

2. Add Helium Miner

Assuming you bought the RAK Miner, use the “+” sign on the Helium app to add it. A red light will then appear to indicate that the miner is working. Press the button at the back of the RAK Miner for Bluetooth pairing. It is worth mentioning that you should only buy Helium miners that have been approved by the community.

3. Choose the Hotspot

On the Helium app, click “Hotspot” to choose your Helium miner on the displayed list. After that, verify its location and configure the antenna. If you’re good to go, press the “Continue” button. Your Helium miner will now start participating in the network activities and receive HNT tokens depending on its performance.

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