A Guide to BitFuFu: Everything You Need to Know About the Cloud Mining Platform

A Guide to BitFuFu: Everything You Need to Know About the Cloud Mining Platform

In the past two years, BitFuFu has seen its user base grow exponentially, with the company continuing to position itself as a reliable cloud mining platform. In this article, we will explore all the features of BitFufu and its role in the crypto mining sector.

BitFuFu Defined

Founded by Leo Lu in 2020, BitFuFu is a leading provider of cloud mining services. Bitmain Technologies and Antpool Technologies are the biggest investors in BitFuFu. Moreover, Bitmain Technologies, a well-known manufacturer of crypto mining equipment, entered into a partnership with BitFuFu to allow the cloud mining provider to access machines for mining digital assets.

As of September 2023, BitFuFu runs twelve mining farms located in different countries. The idea is to reduce the risks related to carrying out mining activities in one location.

Moreover, BitFuFu’s hosting capacity is 300 megawatts, making it possible to operate several mining rigs. The cloud mining platform offers its services in over 90 countries.

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Who Does BitFuFu Target?

Crypto mining is an expensive venture. That’s because purchasing the mining equipment is costly, and the power required for mining is significant. Therefore, not many can afford to mine cryptocurrencies individually. BitFuFu removes the barrier to entry for people who desire to mine digital assets at a low cost. You also do not need to have the technical expertise required for mining to use BitFuFu’s cloud mining service since the platform only asks users to invest funds.

BitFuFu’s Key Features

Cloud mining – BitFuFu lets you mine cryptocurrencies without the need to operate mining equipment.

Miner Rental – BitFuFu allows you to rent its equipment to mine digital assets. So you don’t need to buy mining hardware.

Miner hosting – If you own mining equipment, you can seek BitFuFu’s hosting services that allow you to use its facilities and electricity.

Mobile app – You can use BitFuFu’s mobile app, which features monitoring functionalities, allowing you to track your mining operations in real time.

Rewards – When you start using BitFuFu’s cloud mining service, you will receive rewards on a daily basis according to your investment capital.

Round-the-clock customer support – BitFuFu provides assistance to its customers 24 hours a day.

Educational Material – BitFuFu gives its users access to a variety of educational resources, allowing them to understand how the crypto mining sector works.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BitFuFu


Daily payouts – With BitFuFu, you are guaranteed daily rewards. This is advantageous for people seeking regular cash flow.

A wide range of Mining pools – BitFuFu offers users several mining pools to invest in. Remember to choose those that earn more mining rewards.

Ability to monitor the mining process – As mentioned earlier, users can use BitFuFu’s mobile app to track mining activities on the platform.

BitFuFu has a stable hashrate – The cloud mining platform has an advanced allocation system that plays a huge role in maintaining a steady hashrate for PoW (Proof-of-Work) crypto assets. The hashrate is usually stuck inside the 1% – 3% range.

Vast learning resources – To help users understand crypto mining, BitFuFu avails a wide collection of helpful learning materials.


Lack of product differentiation – Unfortunately, BitFuFu doesn’t provide information explaining the differences between its services, that is, miner hosting, miner rental, and cloud mining. The unclearness is likely to confuse users who do not understand what each service entails.

Limited crypto for mining – One major disadvantage of using BitFuFu is that you can only participate in Bitcoin mining since the platform doesn’t support other PoW cryptocurrencies.

BitFuFu Fee Structure

BitFuFu’s fee structure is transparent. To use its cloud mining service, you will be charged a “Maintenance Fee” of about $0.0436 per terahash a day (T/D) and $0.0159 per T/D as a “Hashrate Fee.” The hashrate fee represents the cost of using BitFuFu’s mining power, while the maintenance fee covers expenses related to maintaining mining hardware.

Do you want BitFuFu to host your mining equipment? Well, you will have to pay a “Hosting Fee,” which is usually $0.0760 per kWh (kilowatt-hour). Furthermore, to rent the company’s mining equipment, a “Rental Fee” of roughly $4.75 per terahash must be paid.


Although BitFuFu offers a limited range of cryptocurrencies for mining, the platform’s favorable pricing and exceptional customer service make it suitable for investors looking to venture into digital asset mining.

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