What is HashFrog? – A Comprehensive Guide to the Cloud Mining Platform

What is HashFrog? – A Comprehensive Guide to the Cloud Mining Platform

Despite Ethereum transitioning to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, crypto mining has remained an attractive venture. And the best part is that those interested in mining cryptocurrencies no longer need to buy expensive equipment. Instead, they can use the services of cloud mining platforms like HashFrog.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about HashFrog. Continue reading to learn more.

Exploring HashFrog

HashFrog can be described as a marketplace for renting out mining power to investors. All you have to do is buy a mining plan for a certain timeframe, and the miners on the platform will mine crypto on your behalf, then deposit earned rewards to your account.

How to Get Started With HashFrog

To start cloud mining cryptocurrencies through HashFrog, visit hashfrog.com and click the “Sign Up” button. Enter your email, then key in the verification code sent to you to complete setting up your HashFrog account.

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Note that before getting access to your account, HashFrog will ask you to confirm that you’re not from restricted countries.

Why is This Guide to HashFrog Important Months Before Bitcoin Halving?

Bitcoin halving, an event that sees BTC rewards reduced by half, is set to happen in April. After it occurs, mining difficulty will decline slightly. During this time, miners usually prefer to enter the mining space using cloud mining plans to earn BTC rewards. However, before buying any plan, we advise you to do your due diligence.

Is HashFrog Thrustworthy?

There are several reasons that make HashFrog a reliable cloud mining platform. Firstly, the platform has forged a partnership with one of the biggest ASIC manufacturers, BITMAIN. Secondly, HashFrog has partnered with popular mining pool ANTPOOL, giving users access to high computing power. Finally, HashFrog uses Cobo’s crypto custodial services to protect investors’ Bitcoin rewards. Cobo is licensed and audited, thus assuring investors the safety of their rewards.

HashFrog Key Features and Offerings

Wide Pool of Miners

Given its partnerships with ANTPOOL and BITMAIN, HashFrog is able to offer users access to various miners to pick their preferred ones.

Flexible Plans

HashFrog’s goal is to allow everyone to participate in crypto cloud mining. That’s why it offers plans that cost as low as $25. Their validity ranges from 60 to 360 days.

Profitability Tracker

HashFrog has a “Mining Profitability” tool that lets you view your estimated yield and the time it will take to break even.

New Mining Contracts

HashFrog is constantly introducing new affordable mining contracts to beginners, thus giving them a chance to explore the cloud mining world without risking a significant amount of money.

Referral program

Besides earning mining rewards, users can earn rewards by referring others to the HashFrog platform. These referral rewards are usually distributed in the form of USDT.

A Look at HashFrog Security Standards

As stated earlier, all earned mining rewards are kept safe by Cobo, a reliable crypto custodial service. If you go to “Settings,” you will find various security measures that you can employ to protect your HashFrog account. We recommend you activate Google Authentication to add an extra layer of security to your account.

HashFrog’s Regulatory Compliance

Before using HashFrog’s cloud mining services, you will have to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process by submitting requested government-issued documents. The HashFrog team will review those documents and verify your account within 24 hours. KYC verification is critical to preventing money laundering, which is why most regulators require crypto companies to subject users to the process.

HashFrog’s Customer Service

If you get stuck using the HashFrog platform, head over to the “Help Center” and raise your complaints. Use the “Chat Support” feature to talk to a HashFrog customer support team representative. The responses are usually fast.

Final Thoughts

Cloud mining platforms like HashFrog are making it possible for regular people who cannot afford ASIC equipment to participate in crypto mining. However, there are several fake cloud mining platforms on the internet. So, research extensively before investing in any of them.

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